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Shandong professional shirt manufacturers tell you a good shirt common sense
1. White shirt is the best. This rule has existed for at most 200 years. Clean and protracted white shirts must be washed, ironed and replaced in sufficient quantities, which means financial resources and group discipline. If you wear a white shirt, but the collar collar and cuffs are stained and negative.
2. The lattice represents the institutionalism. In Britain, checked shirts are a constant weekend entertainment, but academics at Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League universities like them, just like professors in Hollywood movies. Nowadays, you can understand the standard dress code of Chinese sequencer. But remember, cleanliness is hegemonic.
3. Learn to read details and don't be confused by price tags. The back shoulder is divided into two parts instead of one. The front and back hems are reinforced with triangular linings. This is a small step to help you determine whether a dress is really high-end. This rated process adds a small amount of production cost.
4. A jacket usually has a collar that can be assembled. The collar is made of copper, horn or plastic. One end is a point, the other end is an arc. Put it in the neckline so that the neckline can bend well and not turn over. When tie a tie, the support of the neckline is particularly important.
5. When buying clothes, it's better to wear my most commonly used tie, try to tie the tie on the spot, will the shirt collar tip tilt up?
6. Neck width does not need to follow the trend. Sufficiently tailored to make it comfortable to wear. How big is the collar? After fastening the button, I can also insert my two fingers just right.
7. The more stitches, the more wear-resistant they are. A good shirt, no less than 18 stitches per inch (2.54 cm), can reach 22 stitches at the extreme. For the sake of saving labour, ordinary shirts will be double seamed by double needle machine. But good shirts are sewn with a single stitch.
8. Sleeves should be covered with tricks, just below the bottom of the thumb. When wearing a suit, the cuffs should show half an inch of the suit. Cuffs should be tight enough to avoid slipping. The sleeves of cheap shirts with good singers are often loose and light.
9. Shirts do not save cloth. The dress shirt must be tucked into the belt, so the front of the suit should cover the buttocks completely, and the back should cover the key parts, so it will not slip out when it is tucked into the waist. The back should be longer than the back to ensure that you can bend comfortably.
10. Many top garment studios and manufacturers use Egyptian cotton from Swiss companies. Island cotton is also a high-grade shirt fabric. In addition, the common people know the vocabulary of poplin, Oxford cloth, ribbed twill cloth, Weyerer flannel and other fabrics, and are not easily tricked by salesmen.
11. The traditional button made of shells is a necessary part of a good shirt. The best shirts, buttons are sewn by hand, buttonholes are sewn by hand.
12. 假如有条件的话,定制款衬衫是最合身和舒适的。好的定制衬衫,连两个胳膊都是辨别量的,由于大少数人两只胳膊长度并不一样。
12. Custom-made shirts are the most suitable and comfortable shirts if conditions permit. A good custom shirt, even two arms are distinguishable, because most people have two arms of different lengths.
13. 关于高质量衬衫,记住伦敦的杰明街,英国最好的衬衫消费商都在那里,不过他们目前大局部工艺都依托机器消费了。
13. Regarding high-quality shirts, keep in mind that the best shirt consumers in Britain are all there on Jemming Street in London, but most of their craft is now consumed by machines.
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